Monday, March 3, 2008

Rolling Part 1

It is easy to do but sometimes tricky to learn. How many other times in your life have you been required to solve a three dimensional puzzle while sitting upside down, underwater on one breath? Until you can do it, rolling has a Houdini like quality. In reality it is just another stroke, but without it, the whole busines of paddling rough water is riskier and less fun.

Last week I taught The "C to C" and "layback" as well as my usual "Sweep and Brace" Technique.
The age range and physical attributes of people wanting to roll has increased so it makes sense to 'customise techniques to suit the paddler.
Chris and Rob are doing the "C toC ", Matt, Terry and Donne are doing the "Sweep", John is doing the extended paddle or "pawlata" roll and Daniel and Tim are doing the "layback".
The cold weather and rain didnt stop a single lesson and they are all rolling!

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