Monday, March 3, 2008

Last Week

Tuesday 26
As we rounded North Head the extent of the storm became more obvious. Somewhere towards Cronulla bolts of lightning were cutting through the overcast with growing intensity.
The storms we had all expected to move North over Western Sydney were now moving in long line towards the North East. The city skyline faded into the deluge and, to seaward, the high bruised clouds matched pace, engulfing Bondi and the Ben Buckler cliffs.........It was all coming our way.
The options - try to outrun it across Sydney Heads or head back into Manly, away from our launch point to see what would happen next.
The Manly option took us further away from home but also a safe distance from the storm we couldnt beat.
Standing on the beach at Little Manly we looked back in the general direction of the cloud obscured city and watched the show.
In the aftermath we paddled home in darkness with the dual legacy of this serious weather; a lightning- fractured sky to make us humble and a building headwind to make us hungry.

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