Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You are being watched...

The good vibe from last weeks rolling workshop whetted my appetite for personal practice so I put aside some time to test a few excellent tips I gleaned from listening to Mel and Mark.

Although I spend a lot of time on the water I only get time for personal practice if I make the effort and was really enjoying the quiet contemplation when, I suddenly felt very uneasy underwater; like I was being watched.

I practice most of my rolling with my eyes shut so I can concentrate on "feel" and besides, the recent rains have muddied the waters so there isnt much to see.

Then I noticed there were dark clouds obscuring the sandy seabed so I donned my mask and capsized as slowly and quietly as I could......

Thousands of small fishy eyes looked back at me and in the midst of these clouds of little fishes there were pelagics, a penguin and a very large shadowy figure that loomed in and out of view.

I have seen many sharks from my kayak over the years, some of them elusive, some curious and either way, these are usually exhilirating and humbling encounters, but when the water is murky and the baitfish are swarming I would hate to be the victim of mistaken identity and roll up with out a head.

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JA said...

Fascinating Rob,

I've been telling my kids for years, "trust your instincts". They're right more often than they're wrong.