Monday, February 27, 2012


The Images above and below appeared in the latest issue of Ocean Paddler issue 30. These were included in an article on basic sailing safety tips that I wrote for the magazine.

These pictures were taken by Sharon Betteridge and Shaan Gresser respectively and along with an excellent picture of yours truly by Andrew Eddy were included in the final proof without credits. I apologise to all three for this omission and thank them for the way their photographic contributions enhance the article.

For the record; the image above shows Andrew Eddy Sailing through a jumble of very big granite boulders off Cape Melville on Cape York. Below, Matt Bezzina and Mark Schroeder sailing from Broughton Island enroute to Seal Rocks abeam to a brisk southeasterly.

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Steve G said...

I read the article last night Rob.
I found it very interesting, especially the emphasis on the increased task-loading for the paddler.

Good stuff and good photos.