Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Matt and Fernando paddle backwards watching out for the big ones.

Matt and Fernando surf to seaward.

Fernando and Andre

Bouncy conditions

Froth and bubble

Steep ( spot the paddle and bow toggle)

As above

Along the coast at Dover Heights there is deep water right up to the cliff face. Add a fat easterly swell to a light southerly wind and you can find some interesting multi directional water along this stretch.

Local knowledge is invaulauble in a spot like this. Matt grew up living along these cliffs and most of the group have paddled here many times before. We know that, with the right combination of current and swell, there are a series of very predictable long shore rips that drain to the headlands at either end of this cliffy embayment and then out to sea.

Yesterday these factors allowed us surf the rebound and just generally bounce around at the base of the cliffs, cautiously confident that most of the wave energy was driving us away from the rocks.

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Oscar Prats said...

Hi, Rob, the pictures are awesome. I was wondering how you manage to take them under these conditions. In your deck it looks like a Nikon AW100, is it? Do you use another handheld camera too for the shots that don't show the kayaks bow? Thanks