Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Broughton Island Day Trip.

(above) Ian approaching Esmerelda Cove with Looking Glass Rock in the background.
(below) Sharon leaving Broughton Island after picnic lunch and power nap.

The Plan was fairly striaghtforward, Paddle to Broughton Island in easing tailwind conditions, camp overnight, and pickup the afternoon sea breeze on the homeward journey the following day.
When Sunday dawned with pouring rain and a steady Easterly over 20knots we decided to take it easy and see what the day would bring. I called the local VMR and was advised not to go to Broughton because conditions were still stirred up from heavy weather the previous day.
After a short paddle from WindaWoppa we had a leisurley lunch at Shoal Bay and waited for the ebbing tide to ease a little and then headed out through deeper water around Tomaree and into the "conditions".
The group looked very happy in the waves that had been stirring up the fishermen so with weather on the mend we decided to tackle Broughton as a daytrip the following day and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon paddling in the rain and wind.
Ian off Tomaree heading out to point Stephens.

Anne pushing into a headwind off Fingal Spit

Sharon off the heads of Port Stephens

Gina looking happy to be out despite the rain.

The following day provided ideal conditions for an express trip to Broughton.

Gina arriving in Esmerelda Cove for lunch.

Ian off the jagged tail of Cabbage Tree island on the return leg.

We paddled in moderate seas on Sunday exploring the spectacular clifflines to the south of Port Stephens in a heavy overcast with squalls and rebound. The disappointment of not making the crossing was soon forgotten as we engaged with the drama of our surrounding
On Monday, our patience was rewarded with milder conditions and we squeezed the usual two day 46klm Broughton overnighter into a day trip with short walk and picnic lunch included.
We didnt explore the sea caves or clefts, mindful of the occasional large and unpredictable set and we kept a respectful eye on the weather.
By working with the conditions and seizing our opportunties we had covered a fair number of sea miles, attained our goal of an offshore crossing and left some exploring for another weekend.


kogvos said...

The ritual roasting of a yule goat over womp coals seems to have been conveniently omitted from your report... I am going to have to call the police.

Deb and Brian said...

We have only had the chance to paddle Port Stephens once, unfortunately like you conditions kept us in the bay. It is such a lovely place, one day we will get out to Broughton. You are very lucky down there in NSW with so many great paddling locations. Some great shots of your paddle on the blog, thanks

Brian & Deb QLD