Monday, October 26, 2009

Beecroft Peninsula.... A Compact Adventure

I was sorting through some imges from the last few months to assemble a general blog and realised I had quite a few from the Beecroft Peninsula taken during a short break a in early spring.

The idea of a compact adventure close to home has a special appeal. It can be organised with a few like minded individuals at short notice. If you have the requisite skills then you just need a weather window and the comittment to make it happen.

If you choose the Beecroft Peninsula, the rugged scenery and sense of wilderness are just a few hours drive from Sydney.

I always enjoy sharing the Beecroft Peninsula with adventurous kayakers like Chris. This was his first paddle from Currarong into Jervis Bay.

With the sun setting and a few miles left to cover, we paddled harder, enjoying the light, the solitude and the anticipation of landfall. We were all ready for the companionship of our evening meal and a warm brew.

Chris off Point Perpendicular enjoing the same sunset as in the previous image but this time the light is reflected off the cliffs.
Images like this one taken facing over my shoulder are a reminder of how important it is to look around. There is more to see than the view beyond the bow of your kayak.
Matt considers running the gap between Drum and Drumsticks but only from a distance and only for a second. The photo shows wave action during a lull, on the larger sets the cliffs you can see in the background between the stacks were obscured by spray.
A heavy north east swell kept us out of the renowned caves, gorges and gaps.

Like Matt, I am drawn to the challenge of running the gauntlet. It is a bit about bragging rights but a lot about the raw energy and immediacy of the zone between waves and rocks. The smells, sounds and adrenaline are intoxicating and can easily blur your judgement if you are not careful, but on this day the swell length and direction left few options but to keep out of the white water.

Up close on a smoother day or out wide when the swell is working this is a superb paddle and a healthy and humbling experience.

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