Thursday, February 4, 2010

Summer Paddling - Sydney

Commodore Steinfeld beating into a steady Sou'Easter.

Tim paddling along the golden cliffs of the Royal National Park in the twilight.

Freshly hatched Cicada drying wings in time for the early morning wake up call

Bob with clifftop audience.

Wattle Bird trying to get some shuteye despite noisy campers.

Sad discovery - a dead Sea Dragon with eggs.

Paul in new boat on open water, all smiles.

Tracy's test paddle. Sunset over the Sydney skyline.

No room for kayaks - the weekly Laser invasion begins.

Grey sea, Grey boats, Grey sky.

Tuesday paddlers heading south past Macquarie Lighthouse.

Surfing in warm water in warm rain. A pleasant contrast from the intensity of the sun.

Matt in the hat. Real kayakers wear real hats.

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