Sunday, August 3, 2008

Instructors School

The Sea is a great teacher, very unforgiving of any complacency or poor judgement but exhilirating when you rise to the challenge. The following five photos show top local paddlers putting their skills to the test.

I have called this selection of pics " instructors school " because these skilled paddlers are "learning by doing".
They view the sea as their teacher and this attitude helps them build the confidence and competence to share their passion for kayaking with others.

Keith Oakford: rock garden Nth Head

Chris James: Heavy weather off South Head

Mark Sundin: Big Day at Botany Bay

Gary Forrest: Cruising the bar at Mooloolaba

(photo Deb Browning)

Karen Dallas: classic beach break at Arrawarra Headland (for photographer details contact Karen Dallas at the Skee Kayak Centre)

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kogvos said...

Yes, yes, yes... all this fancy boatwork is very impressive but there appears to be little exposure of the greatest kayaker to set foot (paddle?) on this wild sea of ours... I am of course referring to The Womp. I insist on greater coverage of The Womp or I shall go straight to the authorities.